Ireland 2016

16 Jul – 1 Aug 2016: 1,090 km

16 Jul 2016, 16.30: Flight Cologne – Dublin

For the first time, I traveled by plane with my bicycle to my cycling destination. And for the first time, I flew Ryanair, because this was the only direct connection from Cologne Airport.

First challenge was to identify a suitable tour in combination with a gathering of former work mates at the Baera Peninsula on 27/28 July. I decided to bike from Dublin along the East and South coast to Cork, then to take the train to Galway, and to cycle southwards the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ the Baera and later Cork. From there I took the train back to Dublin.

The second challenge was, how to carry the bicycle on the plane. I searched the Internet, read travel blogs and contacted airline offices. Some airlines take the bicycle without any wrapping, others require almost complete dismantling. But I could nowhere find a clear answer. To be on the safe side, I decided for the second option, got a carton box from my local bicycle dealer and removed all parts which did not fit the dimensions of the box. The remaining luggage, five bicycle bags, were wrapped in a large plastic bag. The airline had nothing to complain and checked all in.

At the security check, part of my next days breakfast was confiscated and dumped in the bin. Butter is considered a liquid and not allowed on the plane. What a logic!

16 Jul 2016: Dublin Airport – Barnaslingan Wood: 30km

All luggage arrived safely – without any damage – at Dublin Airport and I put all parts back together. And the box? I found a corner to ‘store’ it, but was pretty sure that I would not find it back after my tour.

17 Jul 2016: Barnaslingan Wood – Glascarnig Point: 103 km

18 Jul 2016: Glascarnig Point – Tramore: 110 km

19 Jul 2016: Tramore – Glenville: 105 km

20 Jul 2016: Glenville – Cork: 28 km

20 Jul 2016: Train Cork – Galway

Galway – Crushoa: 33 km

21 Jul 2016: Crushoa – Doolin: 64 km

22 Jul 2016: Doolin – Shannon (Carrig Island): 85 km

23 Jul 2016: Shannon – Connor Gap: 83 km

24 Jul 2016: Connor Gap – Dingle: 65 km

25 Jul 2016: Dingle – Gap of Dunloe: 88 km

26 Jul 2016: Gap of Dunloe – Allihies: 90 km

27 Jul 2016: Allihies – Adrigole: 44 km

28 Jul 2016: Adrigole: 20 km

30 Jul 2016: Adrigole – Lee River: 100 km

31 Jul 2016: Lee River – Cork: 25 km

31 Jul 2016: Cork – Dublin by Train

1 Aug 2016: return flight to Cologne