Bodensee – Königssee Radweg 2019

A total of 620 km and about 4,500 m climbing. Luckily, we had no rush!

29 Jul 2019, 30 km

Early morning we cycled to Cologne’s main station to take the train to Lindau. We had booked two places in the bicycle compartment of an Intercity train and had to change to a regional train in Ulm. The IC was delayed but the regional train driver was kind enough to wait until we had carried our bikes and luggage across platforms. The announcement in the train later: due to two cyclists, our train has a delay of 7 minutes.

Afternoon arrival in Lindau at the Lake Constance (Bodensee).

Before exploring the city, we pitched our tent at Park Camping am See in Zech, 5 km from Lindau. Cyclist and hikers get their own camp space without cars or campers – a great start of the tour.

Lindau is located on an island which belongs to Bavaria. Famous id the harbor entrance with the lighthouse and the Bavarian Lion sculpture.

30 Jul 2019, 65 km

Lovely weather in the morning and the day begins with a swim in the Lake Constance. We were lucky because the days before the region was hit by a strong thunderstorm.

From 392 m above sea level we started climbing the first hills along the Leibach, the border stream to Austria.

After Maria Thann


Lunch break in Malleichen. The private camping in der Höll was too unfriendly and we went on.

Steep hill after Schönau got us to almost 900 m above sea level. Summits often reward with great views an downhill racing.

Alpsee Camping: when we arrived, it was fully booked and the reception already closed. Luckily, we found a sufficiently good spot and even some rain shelter for the bikes. The weather changed during night.

31 Jul 2019: 45 km

We started with a nice breakfast in a cafe in Immenstadt im Allgäu.

Crossing the Iller

Via Rettenberg and Kranzegg along the Grünten mountain

Lunchbreak at the artificial Rottachsee (was not yet recorded in my map which I carried with me).

Final climb towards Haag, the highest point of the trip with almost 1,000 m above sea level.

Camping Wertacher Hof in Wertach-Haslach close to the Grüntensee

Grüntensee with Grünten – and of course a nice swim.

Brand-new camper went on fire. Probably the fridge. The owners were not amused when they returned back.

1 Aug 2019: 47 km

Starting in Wertach and crossing an old Roman bridge. Nesselwang was ugly, so we went on into the hills again.

Hopfensee with Neuschwanstein



Camping in Brunnen at the Forggensee with best view ever!

2 Aug 2019: 83 km

Best weather and delicious breakfast in the sun.

Via Halblech, Trauchgau and Schober to the Königsstraße

Diversion to the Wieskirche

Luckily, the river crossing is easy. The rain started afterwards and we just managed to reach the restaurant Mayersäge.

The rain continued and didn’t stop for that day anymore.

Grafenaschau and more rain to come.

Murnauer Moos in appropriate foggy weather.

Semi-public transport in Eschenlohe (or Ohlstadt?): “take me with you bench” with destination signs.

Schwaiganger: breeding place for South German cold blood horses.

Finally, we arrived exhausted and wet at the Camping at the Kochelsee.

3 Aug 2019: 26 km (only)

Starting in Kochel am See

Benediktbeuern Abbey

Josef von Fraunhofer started melting glass for lenses in the abbey.

Suddenly a heavy thunderstorm started and luckily we found shelter in a very fine cafe.

Bad Heilbrunn and its famous herbs garden.

The camping Demmelhof at the Stallauer Weiher was one of the nicest ones, except the noisy road at the other side of the lake. The owner has tried to protect the camping from the noise – speed limit or noise barrier, without success.

4 Aug 2019: 48 km

Bad Tölz: a touch and feel of real Bavaria

Crossing the Isar

From Bad Tölz to the next lake: Tegernsee.

What a climb again to the golf course Margarethenhof


Camping Lido at the Schliersee with best spot ever right at the lake.

5 Aug 2019: 27 km

My additional trip to the Spitzingsee and great downhill race.

6 Aug 2019: 70 km

Wet morning after pouring rain during night.


Fischbachau with the Mariä Schutzkirche


Picknick close to Bad Feilnbach

Crossing the Inn River



Panorama Camping Harras in Prien

7 Aug 2019 – 36 km


Mammut village in Siegsdorf

Alpencamp Siegsdorf

8 Aug 2020: 40 km


Kloster Höglwörth


Bad Reichenhall

Camping Staufeneck close to Bad Reichenhall with tent lawn

9 Aug 2019: 60 km

In the morning, we put down the tent and packed all luggage before I inquired with the camping owner about the situation at our final destination, the Königssee. Their opinion regarding accomodation there was modest enough, to turn back, put up the tent again and covering our final part of the trip without luggage.

And they were right, the cycling was less enjoyable due to heavy traffic, and all touristic spots were overcrowded.



Late afternoon when the crowds disappeared, we decided to do the boat trip to St. Bartolomä – including live trumpet concert

St. Bartolomä

Back to our peaceful camp site.

10 Aug 2019

Saline Bad Reichenhall

Last dinner at Staufenbrücke

Arrival in Salzburg on Sunday, 11 Aug 2019