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lilac, chernobyl and solar heating

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

First May reminds me of the nuclear disaster which happened 24 years ago. Almost a quarter of a century and it feels like yesterday. Yes, I know, it didn’t happen first May. But that year, first May was the first warm and beautiful day of the year and, together with friends, we went out into the nature, played on the ground, enjoyed the smells of spring until a sudden but warm rain shower surprised us in the afternoon. It was a wonderful day – in the evening we got the news about the disaster! In Germany, the area of Regensburg was particularly affected. Playgrounds were closed because of the high contamination. Many other things happened. And we got the rain shower – fully contaminated – onto us.

May smells of lilac. Particularly, if the lilac tree is placed in front of the bed room.  From the bed room window, it is placed between the bed room and the brand new solar heating.

First May: the solar heating is completed and in operation. My personal battle against the nuclear industry which earned lots of money for heating the water in the past. I gave it to the copper industry instead.  At least, they didn’t put nuclear particles onto my skin. I’m looking forward to my first ‘solar shower’ in this house.