Naples is the flower of paradise (Alexandre Dumas)

September 12th, 2012 by bernd

Waste in Naples

Waste problems which peaked in 2008 still seem unresolved. Not only destroyed or over loaded waste containers, no, the street are full of empty plastic bottles, plastic bags, and other waste from shops, fast food chains and households. Luckily, German waste incinerators still have unused capacities which makes waste travelling thousands of kilometres through Europe ending up in smoke in Cologne. Goood business for the operators: 100 Euros per ton waste which the Italians pay.


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One Response to “Naples is the flower of paradise (Alexandre Dumas)”

  1. schorsch says:

    hallo bernd, schön mal wieder was von dir zu sehen. eine etwas dichtere bild-taktfrequenz würde mich durchaus erfreuen. die begeisterung über neapel quillt quasi direkt aus deinen bildern und kommentaren heraus