the Wall falls apart

November 11th, 2009 by bernd

It was amazing to be in Berlin that time. In the past, we people from the West could easily cross the borders to the East. Just a passport, the obligatory money change (‘Zwangsumtausch’) and sometimes body searches in separated cabins. The ‘Zwangsumtausch’ was usually invested in a lunch, books and music records.

But this time, all this didn’nt count. This time, people went the other way round. And not just at the official border crossings. The Wall was falling apart, temporary rough roads were opened and border guards posted. Passports were issued on the spot and people could walk to West Berlin – sometimes for the first time.

VP Sondermeldestelle

VP Sondermeldestelle - Berlin, Potsdamer Platz

Berlin, Potsdamer Platz

Berlin, Potsdamer Platz

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