pitted wall

November 9th, 2009 by bernd

Today, all news are talking and writing about the fall of the WALL.  I was travelling to Berlin that time and I remembered taking photos. But after my recent move from Brussels to Cologne, I had no clue where they could be. The entire day I spent in the store room and sifted through carton boxes. Finally, I was lucky to trace them, to connect my old and outdated slide scanner and sucked the first photo into my laptop. Here is the beginning of a small series which I will place here in the following days.


Berlin Wall: 14 November 1989

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2 Responses to “pitted wall”

  1. Markus says:

    Up to now I never have had the occasion of the virgin comment on a blog, and so my joy is even greater. After yesterday’s first, somewhat small and almost fearful “yes” you now open your blog with an image truly adequate to this historical date: Powerful colorsand diagonals, a strong complementary as well as cold/warm contrast and of course a highly symbolic value of the subjects. A great start! Congratulations!